Our Programs


Learning by Playing

The facility is organized based on activities for three group ages; infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. These activities that cover science, math, music, sensory and much more, are to develop the five motor skills that include, gross, fine motor, social, emotional, and cognitive skills.
Our lesson plans are rewritten every week based on the children's interest. We have a unique program to make a portfolio of every child as their growth in our facility. This portfolio is established by the weekly pictures taken of the children's activities as they grow in the facility. 

Some of our special programs carry

learning music using instruments such as xylophone, and piano.
Child yoga
Learning a second language (Farsi)
Creative and moment activities 


we serve all organic food, cooked meals, vegetable, fresh juice, fruits, and snacks
infants seat in high chairs and older kids at a table
changing the diaper every two hours
Crib sheets that are changed weekly
All daycare materials, such as high chair, counter, diaper changer, toys, and Crips are consistently sanitized and clean through out the day.
potty training