About Us


About the directer and the family

Teacher Elham is a mother of two kids. The oldest son studies pre-med in college, and the youngest is a very active and intelligent boy in elementary. He plays soccer, piano and is very successful in school. Elham has a bachelor in education, and 20 years experience teaching in elementary school. She received an AA degree of Early Child Education that includes infant and toddler unites also five years experience working at a pre school. 


Some words from teacher Elham

"Teacher-child interaction is very important to me as a childcare provider, and the most important quality I offer is love for your child. I raise your kids in an educational environment, and develop their skills to deliver them as an independent kid toward kindergarten."


Our Philosophy

It is our philosophy not to fit a child into the curriculum, but to access what the child already knows and build on their individual needs and unique strengths, inorder to make the curriculum work for them.